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Two-Factor Authentication – How to Set it up and its Benefits

by Achieva Financial
Jan January 30

AchievaOnline offers two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication helps protect your online accounts from hackers by adding an extra layer of security when logging on from an unrecognized device. Instead of only entering a password to log in, you will also enter a code which is sent via text message to your mobile phone or to an email address.

This verification helps make sure that you, and only you, can access your account. For additional security, you have the option to enable two-factor authentication every time you log in, regardless of whether you have used the device in the past or not.

How to use:

  1. Once logged in to AchievaOnline, select “Account Services” on the left hand side. From the “Security Settings” dropdown, select “Two Factor Authenticate”.


  2. This will take you to the activation page, where you can put in your contact information - either your email address, mobile phone number, or both. Click “Get Code” to have your contact information verified. Once received, enter the code when prompted. You can add or modify these addresses at any time.


  3. Once you are finished, click “Activate Two Factor Authentication”. You can choose to have a verification code sent to you every time you sign in, otherwise it will be triggered when you are signing in on a device you have never used before, you are outside of the area of your address and have not set up a travel advisory, or you have cleared your cookies. If you do not use two-factor authentication on every sign in, the most recent verification code you received is the one to use.


That is all there is to setting up two-factor authentication! With two-factor authentication enabled, you are able to reset your passwords in AchievaOnline, and the verification codes replace your online security questions so that you are no longer required to answer them on every log in.

If you have any questions or need help setting up two-factor authentication, you can call our Customer Service Centre at 1-877-224-4382.