Depositing Money

You can deposit funds to your Achieva account through:


With online banking’s AchievaDirect service, you can link your Achieva account to your accounts at other financial institutions and easily transfer money in or out electronically. To set up AchievaDirect just log into online banking, choose AchievaDirect and follow the steps.


If you plan to make regular deposits, Achieva makes it easy. Our Automated Savings Program allows you to set up a regularly scheduled transfer from your other financial institution's account to your Achieva account. You select the amount and frequency of the transfer and Achieva will process it for you on those dates.

To set up your automatic savings, complete a request form along with a voided cheque from the account you’d like the funds taken from. You can change your transfer amount or frequency later on by filling out the form again.


With the AchievaMobile app’s Deposit Anywhere™ feature, you can deposit a cheque directly into your Achieva account using just your smartphone.  Convenient and safe, simply use your phone to take a photo of both sides of a Canadian cheque to deposit it directly into your account.


You can arrange for direct deposit of payroll or government cheques to your Achieva account.


Deposit cheques or cash to your Achieva account at any Credit Union ATM in Canada displaying the AccuLink Logo.


If you have registered funds with another financial institution, you can easily transfer these funds to Achieva. Simply visit our Accounts Forms page and complete the appropriate Direct Transfer In Form. Sign and date the completed form and mail it to the following address:

Achieva Financial
PO Box 2729 Stn Main
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4B3

If you don't already have an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA with Achieva, please complete the appropriate application form which can also be found on the Accounts Form page.

We will process and send your direct transfer in request to your current financial institution in a timely manner. We cannot, however, guarantee the processing time from the transferring institution.